On Google Scholar


Scholarly journals' premier status diluted by Web

Mainly about open access, but talks a bit about Scholar.
The debate comes at a time when it's easier than ever to find scholarly articles by using simple Internet tools such as Google. In late 2004, Google Inc., in Mountain View, Calif., launched Google Scholar, a free service that can search for peer-reviewed articles as well as theses, abstracts and other scholarly material, much of it in scientific fields.


Word on the street...

is that Project Muse titles are now (officially?) in Scholar. (And apparently regular Google as well.) Sweet.


Library Collections Linked on Google Scholar for Free

Barbara Quint weighs in on Scholar and OpenURLs. Long, but a comprehensive, worthwhile read.


Google Scholar Support for Libraries

That pilot project I posted awhile back? Seems that they've rolled out Google Scholar Support for Libraries in a big way. ResourceShelf has a ton of details.


WEB4LIB Discussion on "stupid users"

There's a really interesting discussion on WEB4LIB re: complex library systems vs. googlized interfaces. Scroll down till you get to "[WEB4LIB] In defense of stupid users".


Review of Google Scholar

From the Charleston Advisor
While Google Scholar has made valiant attempts to include a range of resources in this category, it is apparent that coverage leans heavily on the sciences, rarely includes all the offerings even from partner publishers and misses many of the quality resources which are more usually accessible to scholars through institutional subscriptions.
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