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"Users Don't Care"

More people seem to share my thoughts on the future of Scholar.


Virginia Tech short course on Google Scholar

FDI Spring 2005: Google Scholar: What does it mean for you?

Google Scholar eases access to library resources

Google Scholar eases access to library resources.
The University of Delaware Library has announced that a new Internet service, Google Scholar, will improve access to materials in the library. Google Scholar is designed to provide seamless access to licensed databases that the library provides, as well as information about physical items in the library’s collection.

I imagine that something here has been lost in translation as this press release/article makes it appear as if the University of Delaware is offering a new service to it's patrons. I do, however, like the idea of libraries "getting out in front of this thing". By which I mean introducing faculty and students to the good and the bad re: Scholar, as opposed to having them find it on their own and thinking that it's the bees knees, without realizing all of the implications. Additionally, pointing these things out to faculty is yet another way of showing our value/knowledge to them.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who cringed a bit when they received emails from faculty directing us to Scholar, as if we'd never heard of it.

Harvard's Implementation

Google Scholar (Harvard PIN required)
This restricted entry allows Harvard ID holders to access the full text of licensed resources to which Harvard subscribes.

Tidbit from ALA Midwinter

Scroll down for some of the Boston discussions.


Google launches academic search

There are so many things wrong with this article from UPenn, I don't know where to start.


Getting 'Scirus' About Scholarly Content

Newslink puts Scirus and Scholar head-to-head.
While Google is definitely pulling in publishers for its Google Scholar initiative, Vogtlander said it is not a real competitor to Scirus. "Google is a huge brand for good reason—it’s good for general purposes, but it’s still frustrating for scholarly research." She said that there are several key factors that distinguish Scirus from general search engines and even from Google Scholar: unique content, superior indexing and classification technology, and advanced search capabilities.

OpenURL Referrer

Those of you lucky enough to have a fancy OpenURL resolver and an IT department that has embraced the idea of having Firefox as an option on public computers will be interested in this:Openly's OpenURL Referrer.


UNLV Libraries: Google Scholar FAQ

Well done.

UConn: Google Scholar

Yes, but...


If you haven't already heard...

Those advanced search features we've been waiting for? Advanced Scholar Search Tips. Get 'em while they're hot. Though apparently they may not be as hot as you think.