On Google Scholar


UC Library Staff Use of Google Scholar

The CDL put together this fine report (pdf) based on a survey of University of California Libraries.
On June 22, 2005, the CDL requested information from the campuses about librarian and library staff use of Google Scholar in their own work and at public service desks. Eight of ten campuses responded with a wealth of information about the creative ways in which the libraries use Google Scholar, as well as with their objections to its use. Immediately below is an overall summary of responses, followed by a document containing all the detailed responses received. At the end of the second section is a report from UCLA detailing how the UCLA library integrates and positions Google Scholar along with the rest of their electronic resources.


Scholarly Web Searching: Google Scholar and Scirus

Greg Notess puts them head to head...
Despite all the limitations and problems, both offer some unique reasons to use them beyond just watching their future development. For a quick, broad, multidisciplinary search on a very narrow, specific topic, either Scholar or Scirus can give a good start. For citation verification, both can help find erroneous as well as correct citation information. The Cited By links at Google Scholar can be a useful adjunct to the more comprehensive citation tracking from citation indexes via ISI's Web of Science (or can function as a partial replacement for those without access).