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Google gets it...

Is your school providing access to Scholar through a link resolver? Make sure you get on Scholar Preferences list. I'm not sure this list will scale very well, but I reckon they'll work out a better mechanism for finding your school if you're a student/faculty/staff person. (Thanks Brad!)


Ummm... no.

This is the second article from a college newspaper that melds Scholar with the scanning project.Google Scholar: New library on the web
According to the Google Web site, Google Scholar is making academic libraries, such as Stanford and Harvard, available online by scanning their entire library collection digitally.


Two good posts over at SiteLines

One about how Scholar is good for libraries, and another that delves into some issues with NLM citations.


Library Journal - Google in the Academic Library

Carol Tenopir weighs in from the academic perspective.
While graduate students and faculty still need the commercial systems, undergraduates may find all they want on Google Scholar, at least with regard to science and medical topics.

And this I love, from a detractor:
Karen Blakeman, director, RBA Information Services, "would like to see a list of sources" included. Her experiences with Google Scholar have been disappointing because of missing power search features: a consistent, controlled vocabulary (or even access to vocabularies that exist in NLM-PubMed records); the ability to search on fields like ISBN; and sorting by publisher, author, or dates.
How many of your students are lamenting the lack of these features?

"a Google Scholar search turned up references to..."

An article from the Berkeley Daily Planet is a fairly good example of something I've seen about 5 times in the past two weeks. Google Scholar is becoming a part of the lexicon of search.

Suppose we use the folks at livejournal as an interesting cross section of internet denizens, many of whom are currently returning to school. There are about 66 mentions of Scholar thus far. Assuming librarians and faculty alike are showing this new tool to students, how many mentions do you suppose will be there a month from now?