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The Scientist - Google Scholar welcomed

A nice overview that gets some input from a few different camps. Most interesting is the idea of flagging open access vs. pay-per-view articles.
"A PloS spokeswoman added: 'Google will find that they can better serve their searchers' needs for access to complete scholarly articles by 'flagging' as open access or ranking more highly those that are freely available online. Such a system would minimize people's frustration at finding an article that looks perfect for their research needs but discovering that they are unable to access it. This frustration is already quite evident in the various threaded discussions occurring online.'"

The problem with this, of course, is that many scholars are going to be using this on-campus, wherein they'll enjoy an additional layer of ip-based subscription access. The real solution will be some sort of localized version tied in to an OpenURL system. Assuming publishers can get their DOI acts toegther.


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